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The Bullweld welding helmet is a highly practical welding tool equipped with an auto-darkening feature based on brightness. It not only effectively protects our eyes but also enhances our work efficiency. The comfortable and adjustable headgear ensures a snug fit, and the darkness level and sensitivity can be easily adjusted. Truly a practical and essential tool for welding tasks.

Additional information

Helmet Size




Power Supply

Solar button cell

Dimming Visual


Light Level


Darken State Level


Light Response Speed


Recovery Time

0.1 to 0.8s

Operating Temperature

-10°C to 65°C

Introducing our cutting-edge welding helmet! Crafted from top-notch PP material, it blends softness with remarkable durability. Its sleek and streamlined design is a canvas for your individuality, featuring our exclusive selection of hundreds of unique stickers that make your helmet stand out from the rest. Safety is paramount, as it provides full facial protection, shielding you from any splashes. The front boasts a crystal-clear auto-darkening panel, equipped with two ultra-sensitive detection points that instantly darken the panel within 0.1 seconds, ensuring ultimate eye protection during welding.



Say goodbye to power concerns! Above the panel, a solar panel harnesses sunlight, ensuring an abundance of power that even until when you are going to replace a new helmet. A convenient dimming knob on the front side offers six different darkness settings, catering to various welding tasks in diverse environments.


Flexibility at its finest! The helmet offers a 150° rotation range, and an adjustable knob lets you customize the fit to your head, granting you the freedom and agility you need during work. And don’t worry about discomfort – it’s not just soft and durable, but also lined with a gentle layer of sponge, ensuring a snug and pleasant experience, no matter how long you wear it.



Adaptable for any welding scenario! Behind the auto-darkening panel, you’ll find two adjustment knobs – one for sensitivity and the other for delay settings. No matter electrode, MIG, TIG, or MAG, you do not need to worry about anything, just leave it to Bullweld helmet!


We’ve got you covered every step of the way! Choose from our multiple packaging options, tailored for your convenience and product sales – be it individual packaging or bulk packaging. Our comprehensive OEM service ensures you effortlessly establish your brand.

Rest assured, we’ve got your back! Let us be your solid support, and entrust your tasks to us with confidence. Together, we’ll elevate your welding experience to new heights!

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