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Introducing our practical welding safety goggles – the ultimate eye shield when protection is a must! They provide ample shielding in scenarios where eye protection is needed, ensuring your eyes are safe and secure. These goggles are the ideal choice for tasks that don’t require full facial protection.

Additional information

Power Supply

Solar button cell

Dimming Visual


Light Level


Darken State Level


Light Response Speed


Recovery Time

0.1 to 0.8s

Operating Temperature

-10°C to 65°C

Introducing our automatic darkening goggles – a marvel of lightweight and practical welding gear! In certain scenarios where full facial protection isn’t necessary, these welding goggles might just outshine the traditional helmet. Equipped with the same auto-darkening module as the face shield, they swiftly darken to safeguard your precious eyes from intense brightness. Keep in mind, though, they’re best suited for welding tasks that won’t pose a risk to your face.

Powered by solar energy, rest assured that these goggles will never leave you worrying about battery life. Their compact design allows you to slip them right into your pocket, making them an incredibly handy welding companion. Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal! Leave a message now to discover the unbeatable price for this indispensable welding tool! Get ready to step into a world of convenience and safety with our automatic darkening goggles!

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